Soffit/Fascia and Trim


Cardinal Homes installs Quality Edge maintenance-free, hidden-vent, aluminum soffit systems.

Quality Edge offers 28 designer colors of premium hidden-vent soffit panels. Having vents in the aluminum soffit that cover the existing wood soffit will ensure your attic receives adequate air flow which, in turn, can extend the life of your shingles.

If your existing soffits are not ventilating properly, Cardinal Homes will simply cut additional vents into your soffit to provide proper ventilation.

As with all of our products, the crews that install your soffit, fascia, and trim, are meticulous and have years of experience with various soffit projects.  Further, as the name implies, having soffit panels with the hidden-vent system makes the soffit more appealing to the eye.



Fascia boards can be an eye sore if not maintained regularly.

Many local contractors install aluminum that has a thickness of .016mm over wood fascia boards. What commonly happens within a year from that less-than-perfect fix is the aluminum begins to get wavy and warped.

At Cardinal Homes, we recommend applying Quality Edge TruVent pre-engineered titanium aluminum fascia with a thickness of .024mm, which is 240% stronger than typical trim coil.

Once your home’s fascia is installed with precision, you can rest assured knowing a strong and sturdy fascia system is now on your home.

Cardinal Homes can also custom-bend the aluminum onto your fascia boards.


Maintaining the paint around your windows and doors can be very tedious and time-consuming.

Let Cardinal Homes take that stress away by applying custom-bent aluminum around your windows and doors and finish the project by applying a color-matched caulk.

We form fit the existing wood trim by custom bending the aluminum at the job site; this ensures a perfect fit to your home.  Once you have your soffits, fascia, and trim completed by Cardinal Homes, you will not have to pick up a scraper or paint brush again.

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 Let Cardinal Homes make your soffit, fascia and trim both functional and beautiful.

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