Having your home properly insulated will not only save on your energy bills, but doing so can also keep you and your family more comfortable and healthy too. Properly insulating your home is not just blowing attic insulation and throwing in some baffles.

At Cardinal Homes, we go one step further and provide you with a comprehensive inspection of your entire home’s insulation needs. Our consultant will then determine the proper levels of insulation for your attic, basement box sills, crawl spaces, cathedral ceilings, and foundation cores.

We also offer a home performance analysis, also known as an energy audit, where our auditor inspects both the interior and exterior insulation needs of your home. The auditor will conduct a blower door, or draft, test, then scan the interior walls with an infrared camera, followed by a combustion safety test, and finally, test the ventilation equipment in your home. All of these tests are key elements in ensuring your home is not only insulated properly, but ventilating properly as well.  Also standard with our insulation projects is our Air Sealing Package. This package includes air-sealing the chimney(s), soil stacks, electrical penetration, and edge of exhaust fans.

Health and safety testing is also offered by Cardinal Homes. By testing both your water heater and the furnace for back drafts or CO2 leaks, you can sleep well at night knowing you had a complete insulation and safety test done.

Do you have mold problems?

Our consultants can also evaluate your mold issue and propose a resolution. We offer a specially formulated solution that is simply sprayed on your existing mold, preventing it from growing any further. This application, as opposed to traditional mold remediation, can save you thousands of dollars.

As a recap, the following is a non-exclusive list of services Cardinals Homes can perform:

  • Full Insulation Services
  • Home Performance Analysis
  • Air Sealing Packages
  • Health and Safety Test
  • Mold prohibiting abilities

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