Cardinal Homes uses Quality Edge aluminum products on all of our gutters and downspouts ensuring confidence that we use, what we believe, is the best aluminum on the market.

To avoid future leaks, the installation of your new gutters is crucial – that’s why installation is just as important as the products used.  When installing the corners of your new gutters, most local contractors use “box” corners or “strip” mitered corners which result in multiple seams in your gutters and may lead to potential leaks in the future. Cardinal Homes installs all of our gutter corners using only hand mitered corners while securing with rivets, not screws.

We also ensure your new gutters are secured properly to your house by installing gutter hangers every two feet. Doing so helps to ensure the corners stay fastened more securely. Our installers then apply a sealant on the inside corner seam to safeguard your new gutter system from future leaks. Finally, to reinforce your gutters from a possible overflow, Cardinal Homes installs 4” downspouts as opposed to 3” downspouts.

An overall gutter system installed properly will protect your basement from leaks and other problems caused by insufficient water drainage.

Gutter Protection – Many types and styles of gutter protection are available on the market. At Cardinal Homes, we install genuine Stone Coat gutter protection. Constructed of aluminum and having a “bullnose” end ensures rain water drains into your gutter, not over the top, which can cause water damage to your fascia boards and potentially your basement walls. In addition to being constructed of premium aluminum, Stone Coat gutter protection has the option to have the panels be manufactured with actual shingle granules secured to the top. Doing so not only makes the Stone Coat gutter protection functional, but appealing to the eye as well.

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