Insufficient attic insulation can affect your home in many ways. The most obvious is your energy bill, but it can be much more serious than that. As we all know, heat rises. With an inadequate amount of attic installation the heat from your home simply escapes into your attic and melts the snow on your shingles. The most common signs that your attic is not insulated properly are melting snow on your rooftop and ice dams near your gutters. As heat goes through your ceiling into your attic it melts the snow covering your shingles causing water to run down to your gutters where it freezes. Since there is not heat below your overhang, the water turns to ice. At that point, melting snow continues to build up into ice dams. This will play havoc on your shingles. Ice will expand and penetrate between layers of shingles separating the tar seal which will cause damage to your shingles, decking, and ultimately causing mold issues under your shingles and in your attic. Your gutters can also be separated from your fascia board due to the weight of the ice, causing water to trickle behind the gutter causing damage in your soffits as well. And if you have aluminum soffits, the water damage remains hidden until it’s a very expensive project to correct. All of this can be avoided with a fairly inexpensive solution- an Owens Corning attic insulation and ventilation system.  At Cardinal Homes, we will give you a free attic insulation inspection, as well as make sure your attic is vented properly. If you receive a roof quote from us, we will give you an attic inspection as well. Shingle manufacturers will void their warranties should your attic not be insulated and vented properly because of the damage ice dams will cause to your roof, gutters, attic, and shingles. Avoid these headaches by trusting Cardinal Homes to insulate and vent your attic properly.

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